Why Choose Nitehawk Security  For Your Alarm System?


Nitehawk Security employs CANASA trained technicians.

We have technicians who are graduates of the Alarm Technician Training Program and have been thoroughly trained to recognize conditions that are conducive to generating false alarms and will take all precautions to address those areas of concern. False alarm prevention is our # 1 priority!

Nitehawk Security installs non-proprietary alarm systems.

Large alarm companies with deep pockets install proprietary alarm equipment even though it may be of a known brand name. This means that you, as a client, are married to that provider. No other company is capable of servicing that equipment. This places the client in a pay me now or pay me later situation.

Nitehawk Security listens to your concerns.

Alarm systems should be custom designed to suit your needs and pocketbook. We endeavour to address those areas of concern.

Nitehawk Security installs fully supervised alarm systems.

This means that if someone attempts to compromise the integrity of your alarm system, even in the disarmed state, a Nitehawk system would show a trouble and report to the monitoring station that the system was tampered. Most other companies’ alarm systems will not show if someone tampers with wire or devices in either the armed or disarmed state. A Nitehawk system is worth more than the great majority by virtue of the meticulous installation alone.

Nitehawk Security will not disrupt your pattern of business any more than necessary.

Even if it means installing outside of normal business hours if required.

Nitehawk Security says exposed wiring is not acceptable.

All wiring in finished areas will be concealed if possible.

Nitehawk Security is not price driven.

We use good quality equipment employing state of the art technology installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Detection devices are positioned where they are most effective, not where they are easiest to install!

Nitehawk Security addresses all false alarm problems.

If you have a false alarm problem we initiate rectification immediately and if you are on our maintenance program there are no additional charges as per our maintenance contract.

Nitehawk Security provides 24 hour technical service.

We have technicians on call 24 hours a day to rectify problems with alarm systems.

Nitehawk Security provides access control.

With a Nitehawk alarm system, upon request, we can provide you with information such as who is coming and going from your premises and when they are doing so, without further recurring charges.

Nitehawk Security has an extensive user training program.

No alarm system is commissioned until both users and instructors are satisfied that everyone understands how to use the system thereby decreasing user-initiated false alarms.

Last but not least, remember…

with alarm systems you are buying not only the alarm but also the ongoing support. Changing alarm companies after installation can sometimes be a very costly venture. We invite you to ask any Nitehawk client his or her opinion as to how we conduct our business and we are sure their reaction will be very positive.